Unlock Your Mind to Stress Less



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Did you know stress can affect your moods, your sleep habits, your appetite and even cause pain?

First of all, there are several studies concluding stress is a major trigger for headaches, and is a strong factor for chronic pain. Lack of sleep and dehydration can also cause headaches. Likewise, stress can trigger insomnia, low energy and fatigue; hence this feeds the headache cycle and induces further stress.

Stress commonly:

  • alters appetite such as raiding the fridge late at night, which contributes to less sleep and weight gain. Or it cuts your appetite ensuring you have low energy
  • reduces your libido
  • contributes to digestive problems (diarrhea, constipation, IBS)
  • weakens the immune system, thus you get sick easier
  • causes headaches and is a contributor to chronic pain.

Consequently stress has a major impact on your health, therefore controlling it is critical to your wellbeing. This is where Relief-Valve comes in.


Relief-Valve was created to provide a safe space to quieten the mind, slow down and allow relaxation. Most importantly this promotes learning new ways to reduce and remove stress.

These five power sessions are specifically designed to combat stress. As a result, they not only reduce stress but also show how to deal with stressful situations as they arise. Like a pressure-relief-valve in an industrial cooling system, the program provides relief as needed. Consequently preventing buildup to the proverbial explosion.

With Relief-Valve you receive:

  • Powerful Conscious Hypnosis sessions that provide a calm and safe environment to release tension and stress
  • An understanding of yourself and clarity on what causes you stress
  • Tools to overcome your causes of stress, breaking the hold it has on you
  • Most importantly, controlling and removing stress will improve your life.

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