Unlock Your Mind to Reduce Pain

Pain is the brain's way of informing you that something is not quite right. This isn't just physically but can also indicate emotional or mental anguish.

With chronic pain, e.g. pain that has lasted for over 6 months, even though the initial onset may have been for physical reasons it can become an issue within the mind. The brain gets used to sending pain signals that it has built a habit. The initial cause may have been healed, however the signal-habit remains strong and the pain remains.

As the pain signal is important feedback to know something is wrong, it is imperative that a medical doctor is consulted prior to seeking a hypnotic solution. We don't want to reduce pain related to an untreated or undiagnosed condition as it might make things worse. This is why we insist on working with your doctor's informed consent, so they can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Our methods have been used for sports injuries, chronic back issues, knee and joint pain, arthritis and many many others. We can even teach you how to hypnotise yourself to go to the dentist without anaesthetic, or to use during childbirth!


Hypnosis is one method we can overwrite the signal-habit to provide pain relief. The type of pain doesn't matter for the hypnotic method utilised. The process can be modified to your specific pain easily.

These five power sessions are specifically designed to combat pain and help break free of the pain cycle.

With Pain-Away you can:

  • break down your pain signal-habits
  • shake loose any mental blockages that may be holding onto pain
  • learn to deal with pain in the moment, including any stresses that may be contributing
  • control and reduce pain to improve your life.

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