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Procrastination is a killer of your goals, but there are some simple tricks to help keep it at bay and
Get a good night's sleep
Quality sleep is as essential for survival as food, water and air, however, in today's society, we are doing it
What do you believe is right and just? Where did you get that belief? Did you form it yourself or
When you think about the world what do you focus on? Is it primarily a friendly world filled with people
I spent most of today in the backyard tidying up and marking out my next landscaping project. Part of that
I can't overstate the importance of focus for any endeavour. What we focus on is to the exclusion of everything
Constant pain is my normal. For the first 30 years of life, I treated my body like crap. Poisoning it
Yesterday I enjoyed a morning tea with colleagues. We all bring in a plate to share over a chat. They
Changing my obesity mindset into one that nourishes a fit and healthy lifestyle didn't happen overnight. I failed to shed
Welcome to AJ Coaching. Its been quite a journey to get here. Shedding 75kgs, winning national gold in martial arts,