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Break the cycle of habits and old patterns.

Yesterday I enjoyed a morning tea with colleagues. We all bring in a plate to share over a chat. They are generally not healthy options so my healthy mindset was tested. That test came in the form of homemade cupcakes.
The thing that stood out for me was the baked-in homemade jam. The taste immediately reminded me of my nana who passed around 30 years ago.

My family would take a 90-minute drive to visit her every month or so and she was always baking when we arrived. Scones, biscuits, apple pies and a plethora of baked goods greeted us, much of which we happily took home.
As a kid I enjoyed the food more than the company, but I still enjoyed time with my cousin, aunty and nana (I suppose my parents and sister as well :P). The memories and feelings from 3 decades ago returned the moment the old familiar taste hit my mouth.

Something I hadn’t tasted for 30 years still has a strong connection in my mind. This was a happy memory so I had no problems with it other than the urge to eat more cupcakes to continue that experience. If I allowed the feeling to take over my logical mind, I might have consumed a dozen cupcakes to keep the process going.

This illustrates one aspect of how our minds work. My mind associated good memories and feelings with a specific taste. With my self-awareness, I enjoyed the experience and moved on. However, a lot of people often get stuck in a negative cycle.

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