AJ Coaching is a health and well-being company dedicated to providing high quality tools and support for clients wanting to incite change. We differentiate ourselves by utilising methods to exercise the mind as well as the body, allowing our clients to clear negative beliefs, negative emotions and old thinking that no longer serves them.

This brings clients emotional and environmental changes they seek for a healthy existence.

We seek to make enough profit to allow our coaches time to expand their knowledge and deliver greater tools to our clients, creating exceptional value.

We Fight For Your Health!

The juggernaut weight loss industry is interested in only one thing: your money. Offering supplements that have minimal to no robust research, ab crunch machines that at best are no better than regular exercise, and diet systems used to sell meals, shakes and merchandise. It's a minefield to navigate alone.

We actually care about your health and work with you to obtain meaningful results. We support you in making the right decisions for you to get the outcome you desire.

Our tools, systems and other support items have been implemented by ourselves and our clients to achieve repeated results, and are readily replicated for you. All you need is to implement the strategies and commit to the process.

Why choose us?

  • We've been there. AJ Watson has shed over 75kg and used the techniques to win multiple Australian and Pan Pacific Championships in BJJ
  • Flexibility for contact. We can come to you, meet online via skype or confer over the phone.
  • Our coaches are certified life coaches held to the highest industry standards.
  • Governed by the standards and regulations of the ICF, the international coaching body.
  • Partnerships with prominent Ballarat businesses to tackle all aspects of your health.
  • We get results. Previous clients have received a 100% or greater increase in the area worked on.

AJ's Story

When AJ (Tony) started this journey he was over 175kg, sedentary and addicted to caffeine and sugar. He had minimal social skills and few people to actually call friend.

Through research into the science of losing weight, Tony kept banging his head into walls in the form of unproven methods that amounted to little more than snake oil. He wasted money on products and felt it was his fault they failed due to aggressive marketing, dodgy sales practices and disclaimers.

Looking only into proven studies with repeatable results from peer review, Tony surged forward in his own experiments on himself. Trial and error brought him to a confidence level where he could train martial arts again, and reignite a friendship with his coach John.

This changed Tony's life and brought a surge in self help education, absorbing everything he could find. Now Tony wants to share his results with others, and has become a certified life coach, specialising in health and wellbeing.

Tony's wife, family and friends help him enjoy life. Tony loves martial arts competition, coaching new students and clients, playing video games, D&D, card games and anything considered a "nerdy" hobby. He is also a student of the sciences especially astrophysics, particle physics, quantum physics and human movement.

If you'd like to learn more about AJ Coaching and see if our unique system matches your needs, then use our contact form.