Who dictates your beliefs?

What do you believe is right and just? Where did you get that belief? Did you form it yourself or did you hear it from someone else? What do you truly believe that comes from your own judgement?

Are you led by the opinions of others, allowing their judgement to influence your decisions? Do you try to please everyone? I wonder: is that giving you happiness; or does it hinder it?

Time for a story…

which direction?

On a normal day many years ago, a farmer entered the city of Norwich with his son and a donkey. The man rode the donkey while his son lead it on a rope.

The moment they passed the city gates they heard a passer-by say in a loud voice, “How disgraceful! See how that man behaves like a lord sitting on his donkey while his little son runs ragged trying to keep up.”
Full of shame, the farmer dismounted to walk beside the animal, and set his son to ride it.

In the next street, a fruit merchant drew his customer’s attention to the trio. “Look at that. The rascal sits there like a Young Pretender while his poor old father trudges in the mud.”
Embarrased, the boy asked his father to climb on behind him.

Once they rounded the corner to traverse the next street, a woman selling toad venom and bat guano spat out, “See what’s become of humanity. No sensitivity to animals. That poor donkey’s back is almost bent in half carrying those two oafs. If only I had my wand with me, disgraceful!”
Hearing this, the farmer and his son slipped from the donkey and walked beside it.

They hadn’t gone more than 30 metres however, when a raddish salesman shouted across the market to his friend, “I thought I was stupid but here’s a real arse. What’s the point of a donkey if it’s not doing any work?”

The farmer stopped, gave his donkey a pat on the nose and a quick meal before speaking to his son.
“Whatever we do, someone disagrees with it. Perhaps it’s time we made up our own mind about what we believe is right.”

Primary source: Mark Richards

About the Author AJ Watson

AJ Watson was born and raised in the Australian gold rush town of Ballarat. He is a Life Coach specialising in Health and Wellbeing. You can discover more of his story in the About AJ page on www.ajcoaching.com.au

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