Ready for Action as a Life Coach

Welcome to AJ Coaching. Its been quite a journey to get here. Shedding 75kgs, winning national gold in martial arts, writing and publishing books and loads of self reflection.

To aid in massive weight loss I needed to understand my habits, behaviours and thoughts relating to my weight gain. It took me years of extensive research, investing in multiple avenues for self help and guided instruction. That journey brought me to the realisation that I wanted to help others achieve what I did, but in a much faster time.

Life Coaching, specifically for health and wellbeing, opened new avenues of investigation and new methods to amplifiy other’s abilities. With my certifications and qualifications from national and international coaching bodies I’m ready to deliver for my clients.

I specialise in hypnosis for weight loss, pain management, stress management and quitting smoking, though can tailor sessions to multiple needs of the client. I can’t wait to help you Enjoy Life, Get Healthy and Excel.

My name is Tony and I’m a coach.

Tony's weight loss journey from 2000 until today. 75kgs removed.

About the Author AJ Watson

AJ Watson was born and raised in the Australian gold rush town of Ballarat. He is a Life Coach specialising in Health and Wellbeing. You can discover more of his story in the About AJ page on

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