Weight Loss Mindset

AJ Watson (Tony) has shed over 80kgs in his journey and has won multiple Australian and Pan Pacific championships in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You can read more on the About AJ page.

Tony has written the book Overweight to Fighting Weight discussing that journey so you can duplicate his results. Tony can incorporate this into his coaching packages so you get a two pronged assault on losing weight. The coaching sessions will unlock your mental and emotional skills, break through limiting behaviours and gain focus so the mentoring sessions can delve into the mechanics of weight loss.

This gives clients a stepped through system to tackle weight issues, along with clearing mental barriers and habits that no longer serve you to achieve the goal of a healthier and fitter life.

Clients hiring AJ Coaching for the Weight Loss Package receive a copy of Overweight to Fighting Weight. You can view our service options and methodologies by clicking here.

Amazing 5 Stars for Overweight to Fighting Weight!

If you are looking to lose weight and are tired of all the mixed information and nonsesical advice you get from other weight-loss programs and guru's then Overweight to Fighting Weight is the book and plan for you! This is a solid plan, not a diet, but a true plan that gets you on the path to a healthier you! It's not about counting calories, carbs, fat, etc., etc., but instead a plan that helps you truly change your ways and turn your health and body around. You will truly be transformed by this plan, I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling to lose weight. Take it from one who knows the struggles of diet after diet and plan after plan and hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the toilet on the quest to lose weight, believe me, this plan works! Truly a remarkable book, chock full of amazing life-changing advice!

Tea Time and Books Blogger

Great Authenticity

I love the authenticity AJ Watson brought to the table. It takes a lot to just put it all out there and let everyone in on your hardest times.

I found this novel really thought-provoking and enlightening.

Superb writing from Watson and a compelling story while also being informative and helpful to others.

The Indie Express Blogger

Inspirational read!

This was an inspirational and fascinating read to me. I loved the authenticity that shined through with the writing. AJ Watson did a great job of sharing his experiences and advice without sounding preachy. It’s an easy format to follow. I liked the way it was laid out overall. Wonderful piece of self-help writing!

On a Reading Bender Blogger

Great Advice with Legitimate Facts.

I loved how this novel was full of great advice and solid examples. I didn't feel like I was being told how to do something by someone who didn't have legitimate facts backing them up, real world experience.

I think you need to go into reading this with somewhat of a clear head. It's a nice novel to step away with and clear your mind to new ideas and thinking.

Texas Book Nook Blogger

Informative and Inspiring at the same time.

This is one of those self help novels that I feel really did what the blurb tells you it will do. It gives you real life examples and experiences. Not everything works the same for everyone else, but I think reading about someone else’s struggles helps you not feel alone in the battle. Seeing that it has been done, it can be done, really gives you extra hope and motivation. A solid non-fiction piece of writing.

Novel News Network Blogger

Looking to lose weight but everything has failed? Discover the physical and mental aspects of becoming a much healthier you, written by someone that dropped 80kg!

Get the weight loss system written by someone that went from zero exercise and over 175kg, to a multiple time Australian and Pan Pacific martial arts Champion. AJ Watson has shed 80kg in his journey and for the first time shares how he did it, and what needed to change mentally and physically to achieve his goals.

This book will teach you how to:
•understand weight loss issues
•figure out nutrition labels
•learn how to set goals
•improve your motivation
•boost your willpower
•structure your exercise
•become a better version of you.

AJ Watson’s approach tackles the issues from multiple angles giving a much greater level of success than diet alone. Treat yourself to a wealth of knowledge and kick those extra kilos goodbye.

AJ discusses his physical and mental states throughout his journey, and how he combated multiple challenges to attain results. Because he has been there, AJ understands the thought process of overeating, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and low self-esteem. His success as a martial artist, coach and author is traced back to the struggle out of his lowest point.

Now you can benefit from that struggle as well.

Click here to grab your copy today.