We offer a number of services tailored to your needs. Our initial consultation will provide us the necessary details to create a package that suits your goals and specific outcomes you want from your coaching.

We are flexible with our session design and delivery methods based on your requirements and what we believe would best suit your situation. These include:


  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Seminars
  • Short courses

Delivery Method

  • Face to face
  • Phone call
  • Skype
  • Webinar

Even though everyone comes to us with a different goal in mind, our tools and packages are designed to allow great flexibility to suit practically anything. The core product is the Personal Coaching Program or PCP. Running through the entire PCP will be of great benefit, however we can cater this systematically to your specified outcome and build upon it with other powerful tools to create significant and lasting change.

The main body for tools and techniques to assist you is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, along with Time Line Therapy. These two bodies of knowledge expand our tool-set considerably, allowing us to cut directly to the matter at hand. They are the nexus of coaching and encapsulate every session.

Personal Coaching Program - Your Path to Lasting Transformation

AJ offers a structured yet individual 12 Session Personal Coaching Program. With a bonus client workbook each session, AJ personally guides you through this powerfully transformational program.

Beginning with a wonderfully visual stock-take of where you are right now, then working through unresourceful thought patterns, redefining your values and beliefs to align with a new you and powerful goal setting, this twelve session program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP was founded in the 1970’s when Richard Bandler and John Grinder first modelled other therapists. It can be likened to the “user’s manual for your mind” and studying NLP provides insights into how our thinking patterns can affect every facet of our lives.

NLP goes in depth to explore: how we think and process our thoughts (Neuro); the language patterns we use (Linguistic); our behaviours (Programming); and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals.

Time Line Therapy

These techniques are a unique and unmatched method for creating powerful change in all areas of life. Time Line Therapy™ utilises a person’s internal “Time Line” to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Behavioural change takes place at an unconscious level. People don’t change consciously. The Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programming in minutes rather than days, months or years.