Who dictates your beliefs?

What do you believe is right and just? Where did you get that belief? Did you form it yourself or did you hear it from someone else? What do you truly believe that comes from your own judgement?

Are you led by the opinions of others, allowing their judgement to influence your decisions? Do you try to please everyone? I wonder: is that giving you happiness; or does it hinder it?

Time for a story…

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The trick to positivity by adjusting your daily news

When you think about the world what do you focus on? Is it primarily a friendly world filled with people that help each other? Is it a world consumed by hatred where everyone looks after themselves and step over their own mother to get money and power? Do you think it’s a balanced mix of the two?

The answer to this is greatly influenced by what daily information you consume, what you focus on. What’s the first thing you do each morning? How about the last thing at night?

cyanide and happiness news comic

Most people check their phones and read articles, their social media feed, the news. When at work they might read the paper, over lunch they check news feeds. They get home and watch news programs for an hour or so. Before bed, people check the phone again before going to sleep.

There are multiple issues with this process.

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How the moon landing inspired my next project

I spent most of today in the backyard tidying up and marking out my next landscaping project.

My fire pit

Part of that was starting my fire pit to burn off dead plants and scrap timber from previous projects. I’ve been extremely busy in the last few months so simply focussing on building and maintaining the fire was a great time to decompress.

Instead of thinking through other tasks I had, I simply watched the fire in relative silence. Doing absolutely nothing for a few hours normally fills me with dread. I hate wasting time but today I relished it. I think I needed the time to just let go and reset.

Looking into the fire got me thinking about human ingenuity. One of the first major advances of mankind was to build fire, something that changed us forever. Today marks 50 years since man first landed on the moon, another major advance that changed our perception of what is possible.

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The Importance Of Focus To Achieve Anything

I can’t overstate the importance of focus for any endeavour. What we focus on is to the exclusion of everything else.

Clear focus on what we look at but everything else is fuzzy

Our senses deliver 11 million bits of information per second to the brain for processing however, the conscious mind can only process under 50 bits per second.

This means to understand our environment out brain takes shortcuts. It deletes, generalises and distorts information so we are not overwhelmed. These shortcuts are based on our personal histories. Even though we experience the same events, we interpret them very differently.

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How I deal with my Constant Pain

Constant pain is my normal. For the first 30 years of life, I treated my body like crap. Poisoning it with sugar and caffeine. Sitting at a computer all day and not exercising even in the simplest ways. I allowed myself to reach 175kg, bringing with it knee, ankle and lower back issues.

I remember I was around 15, slouching very low in my chair watching TV. My back was sore but I couldn’t be bothered moving. Two thoughts circled my mind: I’m young, I’ll be fine; I’ll worry about it when I’m older. Well, I’m older now and forced to worry about it.

Constant pain Teddy bear

Even though I’ve shed the weight, I made lasting damage. I’ve endured knee surgery to ensure I could run more than two steps before buckling. For two years I travelled to every pain specialist, physio and rehab guru I could find. Nothing worked.

Searching for Options

My doctor at the time referred me the “best back specialists in the business” with the added chestnut “if they can’t help no one can”. My naivety took that to mean my issues would be solved.

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Break the cycle of habits and old patterns.

Yesterday I enjoyed a morning tea with colleagues. We all bring in a plate to share over a chat. They are generally not healthy options so my healthy mindset was tested. That test came in the form of homemade cupcakes.
The thing that stood out for me was the baked-in homemade jam. The taste immediately reminded me of my nana who passed around 30 years ago.

My family would take a 90-minute drive to visit her every month or so and she was always baking when we arrived. Scones, biscuits, apple pies and a plethora of baked goods greeted us, much of which we happily took home.
As a kid I enjoyed the food more than the company, but I still enjoyed time with my cousin, aunty and nana (I suppose my parents and sister as well :P). The memories and feelings from 3 decades ago returned the moment the old familiar taste hit my mouth.

Something I hadn’t tasted for 30 years still has a strong connection in my mind. This was a happy memory so I had no problems with it other than the urge to eat more cupcakes to continue that experience. If I allowed the feeling to take over my logical mind, I might have consumed a dozen cupcakes to keep the process going.

This illustrates one aspect of how our minds work. My mind associated good memories and feelings with a specific taste. With my self-awareness, I enjoyed the experience and moved on. However, a lot of people often get stuck in a negative cycle.

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Changing my obesity mindset to fit & healthy.

Changing my obesity mindset into one that nourishes a fit and healthy lifestyle didn’t happen overnight. I failed to shed weight more times than I can remember. I tried everything I could find. This is my journey.

The Beginning

I never saw myself as overweight.  At 190cms (6 foot 3) and broad-shouldered, I held my bulk well. As a child, I was always large though with minimal chubbiness. So I was used to being a big kid, turned into a big adult.

Fat Tony circa 2006

Over the years I steadily built onto my fat supply but I never really thought of myself as obese. Yes, I knew I was overweight but to my eye, my natural size spread the weight evenly so I didn’t look super fat. That was the biggest lie I told myself. I compared my frame to shorter people that looked extremely fat. I didn’t look like them so I was still OK, right? I actually weighed far more than them, but my clothing and natural frame obscured the reality behind my delusions.

Obesity Mindset

At the time, mechanical bathroom scales only went up to 120kg so I had no idea how heavy I actually was. Bending over to tie my shoes was like running a sprint, even walking briskly to the car caused shortness of breath. I played indoor cricket and indoor beach volleyball but took the lazy approach. Both could be played staying relatively stationary if you planned effectively. I perfected my bowling action by taking under four steps, and when batting I aimed to hit as hard as I could so I had ample time to jog to safety. For volleyball, my brutal serve allowed tallying points without moving from the spot. So my weekly exercise activities amounted to standing still half the time. Not overly effective, but I deluded myself that I was still active.

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Additional Services Now Available Via Hypnosis

It is with great excitement that AJ Coaching now offers you our Conscious Hypnosis packages.

Conscious Hypnotist Badge

These packages focus on four main areas to improve your health and wellbeing. They are:

  • Smoking Flick Off
  • Weight Be Gone
  • Retrench Your Pain
  • Melt Away Stress and Anxiety

Hypnosis allows us to unlock the power of your subconscious mind to drive lasting change. You can read more about our methods and tools on Our Services page.

We will work with your medical professionals so they can take your sessions with us into account for any treatment you may be receiving.

Contact us to arrange a consultation session so we can ascertain the most suitable package for you.

Enjoy Life. Get Healthy. Excel.

Upskill Training with NLP and Matrix Therapies®

The next couple of weeks will be very exciting for me as I’m upskilling my coaching credentials. I am attending training for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Matrix Therapies.

What this means is I’ll have even more tools, skills and techniques to help unlock client’s potential and break away from habits that no longer serve.

Among many other things, these skills will heighten my ability to help people quit smoking and remove their dependency on sugar in only a handful of sessions. This is just the tip of the iceberg however.

What is NLP?

Practitioner of NLP badge

NLP was founded in the 1970’s when Richard Bandler and John Grinder first modelled other therapists. It can be likened to the “user’s manual for your mind” and studying NLP provides insights into how our thinking patterns can affect every facet of our lives.

NLP goes in depth to explore: how we think and process our thoughts (Neuro); the language patterns we use (Linguistic); our behaviours (Programming); and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals.

The co-creators defined NLP as:

“NLP is an attitude which is an insatiable curiosity about human beings with a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques.” Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)

“The strategies, tools and techniques of NLP represent an opportunity unlike any other for the exploration of human functioning, or more precisely, that rare and valuable subset of human functioning known as genius.” John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)

What are Matrix Therapies?

Practitioner of Matrix Therapies badgePip McKay initially created Matrix Therapies® in 2001 because she felt that the techniques she had available to her at that time were not effective in healing grief. After creating the Matrix Therapies Grief Script she began to see that the same principals could be effective in clearing old programming from parents and other negative influences. Now Matrix Therapies® has a range of techniques that clear negative emotions and beliefs, assist in dream analysis and use Archetypes to help access internal resources that people may not realise they have available to them.

Matrix Therapies® is a set of profound personal development and coaching tools that allow you to transform even the most stubborn and difficult problems, while getting measurable results within a specific time frame.

I’m looking forward to unlocking these skills via my unrelenting, unattainable pursuit of perfection so I can provide exceptional value to all my clients.

Enjoy Life. Get Healthy. Excel.

Sponsored Event for Beyond Blue

AJ Coaching is thrilled to be an offical sponsor for a Trivia Night raising funds for Beyond Blue.

The event is in Ballarat with futher details on the flyer below. It should be a great night with awseome prizes so book in early.

Part of the prizes are copies of AJ Watson’s currently published books and three coaching sessions. Plenty of other great prizes are included from local businesses.

Grab some friends to create your ultimate Trivia crew.