Welcome to AJ Coaching

AJ Coaching is a health and wellbeing company dedicated to providing high quality tools and support for clients wanting to incite change. We differentiate ourselves by utilising methods to exercise the mind as well as the body, allowing our clients to clear negative beliefs, negative emotions and old thinking that no longer serves them.

This brings clients emotional and environmental changes they seek for a healthy existence.

We seek to make enough profit to allow our coaches time to expand their knowledge and deliver greater tools to our clients, creating exceptional value.

Awesome Coach

My biggest concern was not having enough motivation to get the things done that I really wanted. After my sessions with AJ Coaching I feel re-energized and have great new tools to help reach my goals.

My favourite part or parts were the times when AJ insisted that I dig in deep to come up with answers and not just go with my immediate surface responses.

I would say go for it and give it your best shot. This is unlike anything you have tried in the past for self improvement.

Arthur Strickland , Storeperson

Stress less!

I didn't have much of a concern hiring AJ, only my stress that wasnt related to him, but I am now a lot better off and feeling great!

My favourite part was the amount of support AJ shows you whether it be with the issue he is helping you deal with, or just other general complications.

AJ is a great guy and even if you do not believe in hypnosis or meditation it is worth a shot.

Winona , Childcare

Personal growth

Before coming to Tony I was concerned about not having the life skills to be able to change things for the better in my life. SINCE having the coaching sessions, I have learned a lot of valuable life skills, & now enjoy a much happier & peaceful, & productive life.

My favourite part of these sessions was the way Tony made me feel relaxed, & showed a genuine interest in helping me achieve my desired outcome. Always with the utmost professionalism.

I would say, that as I have been through the program I know that it really works, as you can see the profound change in me. You can also see the benefits. You can also learn these life skills to help you achieve contentment & happiness, & above all self-worth.

Wendy Annette Turner , Retired

We help break down mental and physical barriers that contribute to an unhealthy life. This allows people to take control of life and provides self worth.

AJ Coaching can assist you with a variety of areas including but not limited to:

Weight issues


Powerful Goal Setting

Lack of Motivation

Lack of Confidence/Self Esteem



Decision Making

Fears and phobias

 Lack of Direction

Limiting Beliefs

Grief or Loss

Negative Emotions eg. Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt

Unwanted Habits

Conflict with another person



Stress Management

Time Management

Relationship Problems

Poor spelling

Internal Conflicts

Negative associations to – external visuals, sounds, touch, tastes and smells





 General lack of life purpose